Basic CPA Exam Study Problems

Many people don’t end up passing the certified public accounting exam because they just don’t put in enough effort. They think because they have a college degree they know everything there is to know about accounting and don’t have to work in order to pass the exam. This idea simply isn’t true. Even if you did learn a lot in college and actually retained most of it, you will still need to prepare for the exam. There is no doubt about that. Once candidates finally realize that they need to put in the time and effort into studying for the exam, they usually fall into two main pitfalls.

The first main study problem that people typically fall into is lack of focus. They might try to study for hours at a time but are completely unfocused and not really paying attention to anything they are doing. This can not only hurt your score, it will take up about 50 times more of your time than if you just focused and got the studying out of the way. I have found one good solution for this problem. Get an interesting review course. The Yaeger CPA review prep courses have in-depth lectures and other activities that keep you engaged and focused on what you are supposed to be studying. This helps you get through the material faster.

The second main problem I see with most candidates’ study patterns is they don’t set a schedule. As simple as this sounds, a study schedule can make the difference between passing the CPA exam with flying colors and failing it by a few points. You can always try to create your own schedule and stick to it, but I think it’s easier when you are accountable to someone for the amount of time you put in. The 2015 becker cpa review prep course does a great job of creating a schedule with their in class lectures and teaching style.

Do yourself a favor and test out these two resources. They could make the difference between falling ill to the biggest study problems I see and actually passing the exam.