When Do I Find My CPA Exam Score?

One of the most difficult things after taking the CPA exam is simply waiting for your testing results to come back from the AICPA. It seems like it takes an eternity for hear back from them on whether you passed, failed, or just had something wrong with your exam. Every CPA candidate goes through the same thing after he or she takes the test. They wonder what the possibilities are that they failed the exam because of a simulation or because they didn’t remember the difference between accrual accounting and cash basis accounting. Ok well let’s not go that far, but you get the point. Waiting for your CPA exam score release dates can be a killer. There’s no way around it. You just need to not think about it.

Probably the best way to not worry about if you passed or failed your last CPA exam section is to start studying for the next one. Go back to your review materials and start working on your next exam section. There’s no better way to be productive than to keep knocking out one exam section at a time.

The review course by gleim cpa gives a comprehensive plan for preparing for any section of the test. They even offer a guide on how to get the most out of their course and how to study in general. Believe it or not learning how to actually study is one of the most important parts of actually passing the CPA exam on your first try. It’s all about being able to understand what the AICPA is going to ask and interpret what they are looking for in an answer. If you can do that, you will be able to pass without a problem.

Remember, don’t go crazy waiting for your test scores to be published. Keep your head down and stay working and you won’t have a problem passing all of the sections one right after the next.